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New Video: Watch Professor Judith Auerbach speak on Data‐driven HIV prevention: the HIV prevention cascade and beyond

July 4, 2020

The MeSH Consortium are delighted to present a video presented by Professor Judith Auerbach that introduces the JIAS special edition on data‐driven HIV prevention, released in conjunction with AIDS 2020 virtual. Professor Auerbach, as guest editor, introduces a series of papers that grapple with some of the thorny issues in primary HIV prevention data collection and, particularly, cascade analysis. Professor Auerbach describes a number of ways HIV prevention cascades can be constructed and operationalised, and finishes her informative video by highlighting how the current coronavirus pandemic may undermine some of our HIV prevention efforts, and that, move than ever, we need to design and deliver “the right prevention services to populations most in need, now under very difficult circumstances”.

Professor Judith Auerbach is a sociologist and Professor of Medicine within the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco.

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